As we all settle into the fullness of the Summer and all it has to offer, I want to encourage you to stop and take inventory of what you are noticing each day.  Summer can be a time of rest, a time of refreshing, but also a time of being very busy with all the activities we can choose to engage in. Whether you are getting ready to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, with picnics, BBQs, time at the lake or camping- what is top of your mind when choosing to spend time together in community?

How do you want to be intentional about relationships? What is the most important thing you want to communicate to those in your life that you love and enjoy most? Take an opportunity to sit with the Lord, ask Him what He has in store for you as you purpose to connect with the One Anothers in your life this summer season. I have just recently gone through the tragic loss of my mother and I am reflecting on her life as well as my own. How do I want to live my life and use the balance of years that I have on this earth? These questions before the Lord are stirring within me, and I wanted to share them with each of you.

How will you practice the Seven Step Shift as you navigate things that may come up? Things like Comparison, Woundedness, and “Not Enoughness” can all steal from you if you let them. Take a moment to renew your mind, and set your will with the One True God, and be reminded of the Truth He has for you in all circumstances.

  1. Note the symptoms
  2. Identify the lie.
  3. Will I tolerate the lie?
  4. If not, confess, ask for forgiveness, and ask for Truth to replace the lie.
  5. Recite the Truth (God’s word).
  6. Ask God to reveal one small step towards the Truth.
  7. Take that step.

Rest in the Promised Land, sweet friends.