Married Couples

Promised Land Living

Experience unity and freedom in your relationship with Jesus — and each other — in a much deeper way.

In PLL Marriage, you will walk through the full PLL experience with 2-3 other married couples. Instead of doing individual work, you and your spouse will identify a Desert Lie affecting your relationship and create a unified Heartland statement together.

What if

you can renew and re-energize your marriage?

What if

you could cultivate true connection and experience restoration in your relationship?

What if

you don’t need to settle for status quo?

With PLL Marriage, get ready to experience a new level of thriving:

You’ve experienced PLL for yourself. Come see what it’s like to experience it together. Walk into the Promised Land hand-in-hand together.

Identify areas you are stuck or settling in your relationship

Breathe life and newness into your time together

Explore God’s unique design for your marriage

Experience a rich community with other couples

“Our marriage didn’t need another “program”. Our marriage needed freedom. We’ve experienced freedom from lies, deeper intimacy and a stronger unity in our marriage and a more solid rooting in Christ because of PLL.”

“This experience with PLL Marriage has been amazing. It’s been a privilege to walk alongside other godly couples pursuing unity with Christ at the center of our marriage. We’ve learned, grown, been challenged and strengthened by others in the group. It has been a blessing!!”

–  Tom and Susan

“It was an exciting journey to sit as a participant in a marriage course after 20 years of serving in the marriage ministry. We are so grateful for this opportunity, which refreshed us in many ways and reminded us of God’s sovereignty in our marriage as well as the ministry he has called us to. Being in this course helped us know that the Lord has done a good work in us, and HE IS FAITHFUL to bring it to completion. The Heartland statement was definitely evidence of God’s work in our lives. We are rested in the TRUTH that he is working for us, with us and in us. We are thankful to our fellow couples who enriched our learning time and awareness of our lives.”

–  Phillips and Reupah

How can I join Promised Land Living Marriage?

In order to join, at least one spouse from each couple must have already completed the PLL experience. If you’d like to register or learn more, click the buttons below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that at least one spouse has already gone through the PLL experience.

The focus of PLL Marriage is on unity in Christ. The Desert Lie and Heartland coaching sessions are completed as a couple. The couple will identify a Desert Lie that has been impacting the marriage and practice shifting out of it together. The Heartland coaching call discovers a Heartland Statement unique to your marriage.

No, the only thing we ask is that you two are in agreement that this is the right time to take the journey towards increased unity in Christ, together.

There are three aspects to your time commitment:

  • 13 two-hour long meetings with the group. Every course schedule is different – some weekly, others every other week.
  • Two one-hour coaching sessions as a couple.
  • Practicing the shift as a couple after each module.
$400 per person, or $800 per couple.
This is an important question, and we are glad you asked! PLL Marriage is both a safe and sacred space for you to explore the deepest pieces of your marriage. This is why it is imperative that we protect the confidentiality of every person in the group. Each person signs a coaching agreement detailing the role and responsibilities with regard to confidentiality, including refraining from sharing stories outside of the group. The agreement also includes a clause ensuring members of a household cannot hear what is happening in the group and that recordings are made available to members only and are not to be shared with anyone outside of that group. These steps preserve the confidentiality of the group to create the optimal social-psychological safe environment for sharing.

Interested in joining a group?

Let us know if you’d be interested in joining a PLL group for married couples.