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Promised Land Living

Imagine a faith that…

Gives you a sense of purpose and meaning that fuels all you do.

Feels solid and secure, regardless of current circumstances.

Doesn’t demand answers, but encourages a deeper exploration of your faith.

This abundant life in Jesus is possible.

It’s not out of your reach.

You don’t have to stay stuck or go it alone.
Your circumstances do not have to define you.

You can experience the true freedom God intended for you, today.

Promised Land Living (PLL)

is a small-group, transformational faith journey designed to provide:

A sacred space

to refresh your connection with God and cultivate your faith.

A community

in which you can do real life, in real time, with others ready to be honest about their dreams and their questions.

A process

for getting unstuck now—and in the future.

A path

to experiencing a vibrant faith that informs how you show up in all of your relationships.

As a participant, you can expect:

  • Thirteen gatherings via Zoom with a group of 5 to 8 like-hearted believers.
  • Two one-hour individual coaching sessions.
  • Highly interactive and live sessions with a trained and certified coach.
  • To feel valued for who you are wherever you are on your faith journey.
  • A new sense of truly abiding with Christ that you can carry with you into the rest of your life.

Interested in taking a transformational faith journey?


100% of graduates feel more deeply connected to God after their PLL journey.

“There’s genius in the sequence and the individual steps along the way.”

This is just the beginning of your journey toward transformation

Experience a faith that fuels your calling, confidently informs your decisions, and creates limitless opportunities to experience the abundant life Jesus promised you — regardless of your current circumstances.

It is not out of your reach. That’s His promise to you. Not ours.

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