Why Promised Land Living?

Imagine…You’re free to discover the life God intends.

Our mission is to free God’s people to live the abundant life God has originally designed for each of us. We believe you can live abundantly in Christ.

A Transformational Journey

PLL is a transformational journey that leads participants through a process of…

  • Conquering limiting beliefs
  • Rediscovering truth
  • Rekindling your personal relationship with God
  • Operating in the vastness of His “courage zone”

Transformation Happens Here!

Sometimes we get stuck, think we’re too old to change or we just stop trying. The truth is, we are all changing, all the time! God has a plan for you. You can still become all that He had in mind for you. All it takes is Clarity, Conviction and the Courage to change in Christ.

PLL provides access to a safe coaching environment that walks participants through the process of getting “unstuck.” Experience the victory of becoming the person you were always meant to be. Begin your journey today.

Promised Land Living is a non-denominational, non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian ministry that has been making a positive difference in people’s lives since 2004 through teaching and coaching scripturally based principles. We believe you can live abundantly in Christ.

Participants in Promise Land Living’s courses result in people experiencing walking in freedom, shifting from “living small” to abundant living, transforming from “stuck” thinking to living “The Truth,” and exploring the seemingly impossible!

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Participants are empowered to walk in the freedom of living full, abundant lives through:

  • Clarity around what you offer in relationships, business and/or ministry
  • More confidently approaching confrontation, confusion, and conflict
  • Increasing personal time and energy resources
  • Peace of mind amid life’s haste
  • A renewed sense of personal direction

Promised Land Living’s offers a 12-module, scripturally based training course for men and women that’s designed to provide a process for personal transformation (based on Num. 13-14). In combination with proven coaching methods, the courses help you to move beyond where you are today to living God’s plan for you.

Promised Land Living helps you to gain:

    • Clarity: (Understanding)- Around problems, purposes, passions and opportunities.
    • Conviction: (Motivation)- While condemnation stagnates conviction motivates.
    • Courage: (Make Positive Change)- Around problems, purposes, passions and opportunities.

The methods used are a combination of personal and group coaching, as well as immediate and practical application via the Courses. Most participants experience personal transformational results and gain insight through convenient, online webinars, certified, interactive coaches and a sense of community.

This is NOT a bible study or self-help program. Promised Land Living is a Scripture-based coaching curriculum that takes place in a group setting to provide a safe, optimal learning environment.

Promised Land Living is a transformational process, not a “one and done” teaching. Our participants learn how to tackle things in their life that “keep them stuck” and experience a new freedom. The courses also focus on clarity, then move into taking a first step of courage and then the change begins!


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Jesse Frank

Jim Leissy

Steve Mattingly

Randall Perry

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Gary Schroyer

David Vanhook

Brenton Dearing

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