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Once a quarter we will get together around a standing agenda that will include an initial time of sharing with Founder and Executive Director, Cheryl Scanlan, followed by men’s and women’s breakout rooms. Steve Mattingly, our longest time Coach Presenter in the ministry, will lead the men’s group. Wende Gaikema, one of our Texan Coach Presenters, will lead the women’s group.

PLL Next is available to all Alumni, and no registration is required.

The upcoming meetings are from 6:30-8:30pm ET on Jan 12, Apr 13, July 13, and Oct 12. Check your email for updates on how to join!

Prayer Requests

Our prayer team meets every week and we would be honored to pray for you! Please complete your request here which will be held in confidence by our team.

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Promised Land Living (PLL) Alumni have asked us to provide an easy way to communicate what PLL is, how the process works, and offer some testimonials of how it has powerfully impacted lives. Because PLL is now offered ONLINE, anyone in any part of the world, can take advantage of this course!!

Consider sharing this with the ONE PERSON you believe would most benefit from taking a PLL course.

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We have found that most people learn about PLL through someone they know personally. Below, we have created a generic template for inviting others and also invite you to explore the website for additional inspiration or links.

Invitation Template

Dear ______,

I just received news that a course I took is now being offered again and I immediately thought of you. The way this course impacted my life was ______________________________________.

I can see this course providing you with ________________________________________.

Imagine having the freedom to explore what currently seems impossible today!

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I really believe this would bless you richly and I’m passing this along because I know how much it helped me. I’d be happy to chat with you further!


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Imagine having the freedom to explore what currently seems impossible today!

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Pay It Forward

As a result of your participation in PLL, you have discovered truths that provide new thoughts, actions and possibilities in your life. We invite you to help us keep the momentum going!


Imagine the impact of being able to Pay it Forward. Your contribution of any amount helps provide scholarships to those in need. Please prayerfully consider contributing to help others. (Please note: donations ARE tax deductible). Click here to donate!

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