Promised Land Living

How would it feel to become the man God intends you to be?

How might your life transform if you had a band of brothers who had your back?

What is possible if you could authentically lead, love and inspire your family?

You have what it takes.
But you can’t get there alone.

Stop sidelining yourself and get in the game.

The PLL community provides:

Straight talk

It’s time to get real about life and faith.

A judgement-free zone

Be brutally honest about exactly where you are at.

Spiritual growth

Claim a new sense of freedom in Christ.

“I’m still on the same mountain. But I’m looking at it very differently.”

What can I expect?

  • Relationships with men who are transparent, open and accountable to one another.

  • Restorative space to step back from the pressures of life and reconnect with God.

  • Confidential community ready to walk alongside you in your doubts and your “aha” moments.

  • Tools, resources and a step-by-step process for getting unstuck now – and in the future.

  • Experienced coaches who are trained, certified and have been through the journey themselves, so they understand how transformative it is.

  • Highly interactive and live sessions via Zoom with your group and your coach facilitator.

Iron Sharpens Iron:

For John, the truth changed everything

Through PLL, John discovered a long-held belief spanning from childhood through his career path that told him he was “not enough.” He believed, “If God really knew me, He wouldn’t love me.” As John uncovered these lies and spoke truth into these broken places, his feeling of being stuck began to dissipate.

Today, the stressors of having to prove himself worthy by doing “just one more thing” are no longer an obstacle. He lives for an audience of One.

On their 50th wedding anniversary, his wife Lee Ellen said it was worth the first 49 years to get to this year where John became unstuck.“He was always a godly man, but this course changed the trajectory of his life forever.”

John discovered it’s not about doing. It’s about being in Christ and resting in your identity in Him. For John, this truth changed everything.

100% of graduates feel more deeply connected to God after their PLL journey.

It’s up to you – are you ready for more?

You have everything to gain. We have a seat at the table just for you.

New PLL groups form regularly. Find one that best suits your schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our Coach Presenters not only have professional training, but they also:

  1. Have experience coaching others.
  2. Go through an intense 1-2 year certification training through PLL.
  3. Engage in ongoing development and PLL training in order to maintain their certification.

Yes! We use a curriculum-prompted, participant-driven process. The curriculum provides the prompts, and the participants provide the depth through individual discovery and transformation. Each meeting is as unique as those who are in the group. In short, the group shapes the experience.

We believe true transformation happens in the context of community. As important as the curriculum is, the community is even more transformative. The training our certified coaches have been immersed in ensures that both a safe and sacred space is created for all participants.

This is an important question, and we are glad you asked! PLL is both a safe and sacred space for you to explore your faith and learn to interact with God. This is why it is imperative that we protect the confidentiality of every person in the group. Each member of the group signs a coaching agreement detailing the role and responsibilities of members with regard to confidentiality, including refraining from sharing stories outside of the group. The agreement also includes a clause ensuring members of a household cannot hear what is happening in the group and that recordings are made available to members only and are not to be shared with anyone outside of that group. These steps preserve the confidentiality of the group to create the optimal social-psychological safe environment for sharing.

The course costs $400. There are scholarships available for those who have financial hardships, but who are sensing that this is the right time to take the course. Once you have selected the course that works best for you, please reach out to the Coach for that course to discuss possible options.

We begin with prayer and connection time. This is often the favorite part for the community. We then move into review of the previous module, reflecting on what we have noticed shifting inside of us as we live our lives.

The second half of each meeting introduces the next step in the transformation journey. Over the two hours, we reflect on our transformation in pairs, go deeper with the transformation through group discussion, and close with introducing the next step in the transformative process for us to explore between meetings.

Your group will meet 13 times with each meeting lasting about two hours. Every course schedule is different – some weekly, others every other week. Between each meeting, you are encouraged to meet with your Buddy (you will be paired at your second meeting) for 30 minutes to deepen your learning.

We have also found that having 30-60 minutes of reflection time and prep work each week outside of the group allows you to fully engage with the transformation taking place.

In summary:

  • Plan to invest in about 3 to 3.5 hours for each of the 13 meetings.
  • If you are likely to miss more than two meetings, we recommend you wait and join a future group.

Still have questions? We’d love to answer them!

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our support team members.