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Participant Resources


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PLL Videos

You can find all of our free Promised Land Living videos on our YouTube channel:

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Shift Video Series

This 3-part video series is small taste of PLL, with with real stories, live coaching, and powerful questions to help you engage more vibrantly with your Lord and Savior.

Video Testimonials

Enjoy hearing testimonies for men just like you who’s lives have been changed as a result of learning from one another and growing with one another in a vibrant PLL community.

Jesse Frank

Gary Schroyer

Brenton Dearing

Steve Mattingly

David Vanhook

Jim Leisy

Randall Perry

Coaching Tips

Nothing replaces working with a coach who can truly listen and engage, however, the tips below are designed to help you with some of the common concerns and challenges.

Clarity Coaching

Clarity is the beginning of the process and begins with understanding who you are and who God is.

Conviction Coaching

Conviction is the state or appearance of being convinced. As you begin to know more about who God is and who you are in Him, you will discover more pieces of the puzzle to help you move forward.

Courage Coaching

Courage is acting on the truth that God has revealed to you and helps you step into the preferred future God has designed for you. It is NOT trying to appear stronger or more confident than you really are and is NOT the absence of fear.

Life Coaching Tips

The tips below will help jump start growth in key areas:


Stories connect us to the core of who we are. These 52 week devotionals captures stories of Promised Land Living leaders, volunteers and participants as they walk through life…which is sometimes messy. Be encouraged! You are not alone – not in your struggles nor in your victories.

Snapshots from the Promised Land

Snapshots from the Promised Land gives you a glimpse into the personal lives of our contributors who seek to live out their faith in the Promised Land one day at a time. You are not alone – not in your struggles nor in your victories.

These 52 heartfelt stories compiled into a PDF are characterized into three categories: Clarity – Seeking Truth; Conviction – Embracing Truth; and Courage – Acting on Truth.

They are not designed to tell you what to do, but instead are meant to inspire and encourage you to seek the One who can guide you into Truth.

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