I just came back from three days of meetings with a client who runs a highly successful business.

He is among the fastest growing companies in his industry.  He does not believe his ultimate job is to be the best at what he does, although he has won numerous awards for that.  He doesn’t believe that his ultimate job is customer service, although he is setting a new standard for that as well.

What is it?  What makes him and his company different?

Ultimately, he believes he is responsible to ensure that those obstacles – the mindsets that block a person from developing fully – are confronted so that transformation can begin.  He is more concerned about the hearts of his employees because that is the soul of his business.  Imagine if we started investing in ourselves and others this way.  What kind of world would this be?

Likewise, at Way of Life, we treasure the opportunity to invest in others as well.  Glad you are part of the journey with us!

— Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.