Have you ever heard of a whisper campaign? It’s a marketing technique using persuasion through false or distorted information to damage the reputation of one product/person in order to draw the market place towards another product/person. It’s called a whisper campaign because the source of the rumor tries to stay incognito.  Remember “Hands up, Don’t Shoot?” This is a recent and controversial example (aren’t they all controversial and emotionally charged?) of a whisper campaign. After a lengthy investigation, it became evident that Michael Brown’s hands were not up during the altercation with police. But, the truth no longer mattered because the conclusions were drawn and the slogan is embedded in the heart of our culture.

Our ongoing hope through this year’s blogs is that we elevate awareness and sharpen our observation skills so that you are not only engaged, but also informed.  Bottom line, do your homework and vet your sources. Rather than simply fanning the flames of what we believe at the time, we need to be willing to examine the facts, cite the sources and then draw our conclusions.

Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.