As the current ACT! I Coach Training class is coming to a close, the WOL team is starting to prepare and pray for who the Lord might bring to the next class that will be starting this October.  Our goal is to build on and continue the forward movement that has begun with this group of participants.

We are excited to share with you some feedback that has come out of this current class. (Would you like to learn even more? Contact us here today.)

About ACT! I:

The focus on God’s Holy Spirit has been like a breath of fresh air. Also, opening the class in prayer, learning with other Christians and having a true freedom to share has been an amazing experience.

This class is very practical, I love the fact that we practice the skills that we are learning in almost every class.  So even though the class is a webinar format which may feel impersonal, the fact is, it is not impersonal. The group I was in class with have grown together over the course and have prayed for and encouraged each other.  It has been an amazing experience!

ACT! I helps you personally:

It has opened my eyes to living life in a deeper, more purposeful way – listening more and talking less so that I can better “hear” the Holy Spirit.  A beautiful result is that I’m living a life filled with more joy and am experiencing God in a deeper way.

This course has taught me how to listen, really listen!  It also has taught me to ask questions.  When my husband shares something or seems to be wrestling with a situation or issue, I ask questions, reflect back what he says, notice inflections in his voice and comment on those – it has improved my communication with him, which ultimately has positively affected my marriage!

ACT! I helps you professionally:

I’ve learned the importance of asking good questions-ones that lead to deeper reflection instead of just for the purpose of gathering information.

I am an HR Consultant working with about 55 clients.  While taking this class, it has helped me to communicate more effectively with my clients.  When talking about employee relations issues, I am asking clients more clarifying questions to help them move toward solution quicker.  I am even coaching managers and presidents regarding certain issues they face.  I am loving the results and so are the clients!

ACT! I helps you if you are a Pastor:

ACT I challenged me how I lead.  It stretched me to lead differently, more efficiently.

ACT I equipped me to help anyone ‘breakthrough’ an issue.  I know how to listen better and now have a path to ask for excellence from my teams in a way they can own.

About Cheryl:

Cheryl has a passion for seeing people get “unstuck” and a heart for her students.  You can just hear the clear, strong feelings of joy and happiness in her voice when she realizes one of us has made a breakthrough in our understanding of the coaching process.  She is very purposeful while also being very insightful about how God has created each of us as individuals to be used for His glory.  She uses those attributes, along with her many hours of training and coaching experience, to challenge us to go deeper in applying what we are learning.

Cheryl is extremely knowledgeable, personal, encouraging and a great advocate for each participant.  She has a way about her when she conducts these webinars.  She encourages participation, she cares about your walk with the Lord, and it is so natural as she teaches the key concepts and skills.

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