A subtle and energy sapping form of unrest can creep in at any moment.  I call it the ‘what am I missing?’ syndrome.  It looks like something I experienced not so long ago.

Imagine with me … I had plans to attend a dinner event.  Then, a friend asked me if I was available to go to a surprise baby shower for a mutual friend which conflicted with the dinner.

Suddenly I was struck with “it” and one million rapid-fire thoughts!

“Who was going to be there?  I wanted to celebrate the babe shower event too!  I did not want to be left out.  How would I get a gift to her?  Why didn’t they let me know about this just a week earlier? Maybe I can cancel my other engagement?  It’s not so bad if I back out of the dinner now – my friends would be okay with that” … and on and on the conversation went with myself.  Most of those questions were not even rational!

Then, I heard “Cheryl, let your yes be yes,” from the still small voice inside my heart.

The “rest” that I was looking for did not come from trying to make it work both ways.  The “rest” filled me when I felt the pain of the disappointment and allowed my heavenly Father’s “commitment principle” to guide me through the situation.  He was and still is teaching me.

  • I could have beat myself up for not having foreseen the opportunity – an impossibility.
  • I could have been mad at my friend that she didn’t let me know about the baby shower information earlier – an irrationality.

Those thoughts and subsequent feelings were nothing more than blame shifting birthed out of fleshly discontentment – it hurt and it was ugly. That’s why I needed my Father teaching and guiding me through the rapid-fire thoughts that followed the frustration of not being able to clone myself.  I was faced with my finiteness. And, I didn’t like it.

Then, I heard “Cheryl, your yes… what was your yes?”  I knew the optimal response was “Yes, Daddy, my yes means yes.  And thank you, Daddy for the reminder.”

I called my friend who invited me to the baby shower and let her know that I already had an engagement that day. I thanked her so much for inviting me and let her know that this was something I would have truly enjoyed attending.

And then, the peace filled my soul.  I was at “rest.”  Yes, disappointed — but “rest” did not guarantee I wouldn’t experience those feelings.

The Father continues to teach me the more excellent way.