Lies and deception are taking us by storm through the media right now.  As I write this, the latest fiasco involved Ben Carson and the rumored suspension of his campaign.  As will eventually happen with all lies and deception, truth will have the final word.  However, what about all of us that are caught in the cross hairs?  How do we possibly move forward when wondering and second-guessing?

Even Snopes and Truth or Fiction are now slanted – one towards the “left” and the other towards the “right.”   We hope this month’s topic brings awareness and helps you to consider how you filter information and even more importantly –  how those filters are effecting your soul.  Although we cannot control the reporting, we are responsible for how we receive information and accountable with what we do with it.  Maybe you will find insight in this newsletter that will enable – no empower you – as you sort through the myriad of suspect information being thrown your way.

Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.