Overcoming… something that can seem daunting if we think overcoming is to be done by our own strength. But there is good news!!!

The Bible says that we are not to fear, as Jesus has overcome the world. John 16:33 What does that mean, if we really apply it to our everyday life?

Over the years I have dug into what this word in the original language, and it means the same in Greek as it does in English, to conquer or overcome!  So when I looked into Rev 12:11 and that we overcome by the “word of our testimony” it truly ignited something within me!  Can it really be that simple?  In Jesus, as a believer, saved I can overcome by sharing my testimony with others?  My testimony has many facets as He has done so much in my life. If it were to be written down, I can relate to John stating that if he wrote down everything Jesus did in the 3 years of his ministry, the books would fill the whole world.

But seriously – can it be?  How do we share our testimony – the story of what God has done in our lives?  When do we do this?  1 Pet 3:15 – always!!

I have had many trials and tribulations over my life.  As a child, I was focused on becoming an adult, when I would be the one making the choices that would affect me and that would mean I would be safe.  If I could just hold on until then, life would be easier.  I did just that and thought my “pain card was full” and that the path ahead of me as an adult woman would be so much easier.  That wasn’t the case as I soon learned.  More hard things…a tough marriage with so much pain, counseling, expectations not met, and dreams and hopes buried under things I didn’t even recognize and saturated with tears.  A divorce with 2 young boys to try to raise, a house, my own business and still in the midst of healing from so much.  The Lord showed me through others, to open up His Word, and to begin to let it heal me.  I entered into my first Bible study with women at church – and was learning so much!! This whetted my appetite to want to learn more and I haven’t looked back since. I physically and emotionally was beginning to feel better!!

Years later when I stumbled across the concept of overcoming and did a doctrinal study (from cover to cover) in the Bible, I was overwhelmed with joy, relief and to be honest a little bit of “how did I not find this earlier?”  By sharing what God has done in my life, I overcome a little bit more.  The Overcomer Himself has shown me that clearly.

And the BEST thing about this process is that we cannot get our own story wrong! And it brings Him glory.  That is what we are here for, to make Him famous!!

What in your life right now feels like it is trying to overtake you?  If you take pause and ask that question of yourself right now, what is it?  Now that you have an idea of what it is, how will you share the “word of your testimony”?