By Rhonda Jewell

Every so often I experience something in my everyday life that deepens my understanding of the Lord.

One such event occurred recently while I was in Indiana helping my mom get ready for her move to North Carolina. I was exhausted from the task of condensing 80 years of belongings to fit into mom’s car for the trip to NC. As I was getting settled in bed, mom came into my room needing help because she could not find the “the thing for the thing”. Now I have gotten fairly good at “playing charades” with my mom who has a cognitive impairment affecting her memory and word recall; but this time I was stumped.

I followed her downstairs looking for clues to help me figure out her need. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw it! There in the phone thingforthethingcharger was the “thing for the thing,” the TV remote stuck in the phone charger. Mom was grateful that I helped solve the mystery and contentedly went back to finish watching the Chicago Bulls basketball game. I went back to bed, glad that I could help and grateful she felt safe to express her need as best she could.

As I reminisced, I saw Jesus begin to reveal Himself through what seemed to be nothing more than a comical mishap. In the same way that I was able to decipher my mother’s request, Jesus is able to interpret my hurts, longings, and requests and express those to my Heavenly Father.

In the days following this encounter with mom, I returned often to this new understanding. One day in particular comes to mind. I was feeling burdened and overwhelmed with my own concerns as well as the needs of others. In my moment of weakness, I remembered the way in which the Lord had recently revealed Himself and the Scripture that encourages me that Jesus “always lives to intercede for us.” (Hebrews 7:25) I was comforted as I realized that when I can’t find the words to express my need, Jesus not only understands me but can express my needs perfectly to the one who can help.

Just as I was able to understand and meet the need of my mom, the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that we cannot express with words (Romans 8:26). My mother trusted me enough to assist her. In the same way, we can feel safe bringing our ill formed request to Him because He is our safe place.


Rhonda Jewel and her husband  relocated from Indiana to Raleigh 2 years ago with their three children (Jordan 24, Anna 19, and Jacob 15).  Rhonda is a lifecoach with a background in social work (Transformed Lives! Coaching…Encouraging you to make lasting change through life’s transitions).