Many of you are familiar with my story about the “Refiner’s Fire.” After months of debilitation and no clear prognosis during the worst of my illness, well-meaning friends would lovingly tell me I was “in the refiner’s fire.” I was tired of hearing that phrase. All I could think is, “It hurts and it’s hot in there. I want out!”

I was delighted when my dear mentor, Elizabeth called me. However, after briefly sharing what I was enduring, she responded by explaining that I was in the “refiner’s fire.”  At first I felt betrayed. But instead of protesting, I simply listened. Her next words burned in my heart, hotter than the fire, “Cheryl, just remember, the only thing the fire burns are the ropes that bind you to this world.”

The Father’s love has an unavoidable refining component. When you walk out of the fire, you won’t be the same person who walked in. I’m learning that God works in us through refinement in ways not experienced in our normal day-to-day living.

In September’s WOL Newsletter, we turned up the heat on our love relationship with the Lord. Don’t shy away from it! We hope His love so consumes you that it will burn any remaining ropes that still bind you to this world.

September 2014 Way of Life Coaching Newsletter

For the Way of Life Team,
Cheryl Scanlan