The Thing for the Thing

By Rhonda Jewell Every so often I experience something in my everyday life that deepens my understanding of the Lord. One such event occurred recently while I was in Indiana helping my mom get ready for her move to North Carolina. I was exhausted from the task of condensing 80 years of belongings to fit into mom's car for the trip to NC. As I was getting settled in bed, mom came into my room needing help because she could not find the “the → Read more

The Thing for the Thing2020-10-23T10:24:36-04:00

His Life in Me

What Jesus did for us is so enormous, so complex, so beyond our imagination our human minds cannot understand it. God has to give us revelation of what it means. From His perspective it is simple: He has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We are in Him and He is in us. (John 17:21) Practically speaking how does that work? Take forgiveness. Nineteen years ago a drunk driver crashed into the side of the car where → Read more

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