How do you access what is true?

Headline news is literally eye popping and mind spinning these days. To name a few, the U.S. will not mention ISIS nor ISLAM with the death of innocent Americans in FL and Benghazi facts are coming out as fast as syrup from a maple tree without consequences thus far. Is it even possible to get to the truth? We are living in days like Pilate, when there was hopelessness about truth prevailing or perhaps even disinterest in truth and we → Read more

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Truth Will Have The Final Word

Lies and deception are taking us by storm through the media right now.  As I write this, the latest fiasco involved Ben Carson and the rumored suspension of his campaign.  As will eventually happen with all lies and deception, truth will have the final word.  However, what about all of us that are caught in the cross hairs?  How do we possibly move forward when wondering and second-guessing? Even Snopes and Truth or Fiction are now slanted - one towards the "left" and → Read more

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Love Speaks Truth

Many years ago as I was attempting to coach one of my key sales people, I became increasingly frustrated with the frequency with which he used the phrase, "to be honest with you." Finally, I simply said, "Don't be any other way with me!"  Then I explained, "Every time you say, 'to be honest with you', I question how often you aren't being honest with me." Honesty and trust - such a valued quality in relationships!  I just spoke with → Read more

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