How I Stopped Time for Just a Little While

I always wondered how I could make time stop. When I was a child, time seemed to linger.  There were days it seemed to outlast my creativity and energy.  As the sun would go down, I would welcome curling up in my bed with my pup, Junior, and reliving the day’s romps. Then, something changed. I had lists. Growing lists. Responsibilities. Goals. Things needed to be accomplished. And suddenly, time was no longer a friend that held the order and → Read more

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Spending Time In Prison

Prisons have a way of humbling us.  We are void of certain rights.  We become a number.  Often we are misunderstood and usually are forgotten. Prisons are good for the believer.  While we came to Christ in a humble state, does not pride begin to creep in and whisper demands into our soul that cause us to grumble, complain, harm each other, seek revenge, forget forgiveness, etc?  Prisons give us time and space to detach from our expectations for how → Read more

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