A Pocket Full of Nos

A client recently exclaimed “I wish I had a pocket full of nos!” Her and her husband both own small businesses. As successful as she is, she feels as though her pockets are empty of the ability to say no. Everything in her business screams – yes! Meaning, you need to, you got to, you want to! They are stuffed with reminder notes, tips from clients, lists of supplies to purchase and tools related to her trade. There is no room in there for ‘nos’. → Read more

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Disciplined Pursuit of ‘No’

It is almost the end of September and I have not yet completed my monthly goal for 3-4 written posts. My topics, written on a yellow piece of scrap paper, nudge me to practice what I have yet to write about. Many practice the spiritual disciplines. While not necessary for the believer, these practices can help us to engage our soul more fully in the process of sanctification. We, after all, do not beat our body as if air boxing, but so as to → Read more

Disciplined Pursuit of ‘No’2020-10-23T10:19:23-04:00

No is a Full Sentence

No is a full sentence. The tip of my tongue presses against the roof of my mouth along the ridgeline of my teeth, lips coming together as if to sip from a straw. Fear coupled with desire takes over. Suddenly, the jaw drops, the corners of my mouth stretch and before I allow myself a painful but necessary second thought, ‘yes’ comes flowing out of my mouth. The response comes from a soul that desires to engage, feel needed or maybe avoid disappointment among all → Read more

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