Hearing God’s Voice

Summer mornings . . . a time of easing into the morning a little slower than during the school year for this mom. While the birds sing and beckon the sunrise, I rarely get up at that time, and arise after the sun. When I purpose to begin my day with rest – sitting with Father and His Word, then my day goes smoothly...if I put it off, I am “off” most of the day as well.  I am recently → Read more

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What Am I Missing?

A subtle and energy sapping form of unrest can creep in at any moment.  I call it the ‘what am I missing?’ syndrome.  It looks like something I experienced not so long ago. Imagine with me ... I had plans to attend a dinner event.  Then, a friend asked me if I was available to go to a surprise baby shower for a mutual friend which conflicted with the dinner. Suddenly I was struck with “it” and one million rapid-fire thoughts! “Who → Read more

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How to Enter, Preserve and Enjoy Resting

For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His. - Hebrews 4:10 Imagine it is Sunday. Is your mind racing? How long does it take for you to come to a place of rest? My son is currently working through these Insanity workouts. It takes him 2 hours to cool down after a strenuous workout - it takes that long for his body to stop sweating. Similarly we go → Read more

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How To Relax

By Cheryl Scanlan   First, let’s define relax simply as ‘a mind and body reboot.’ Sometimes, while working on the computer, the programs start running very slow. My husband’s first diagnostic question is always the same “when is the last time you shut down the computer?” I don’t want to shut down the computer – it takes time! But the reality is, if I don’t shut it down, everything I do on it will take more time. Apply this to our mind and → Read more

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