Feeling Landlocked?

My dad leaned over and showed me his inkjet printout of a private water craft (PCW) or jet ski. "This is what I’m thinking about getting next,” he put out there kind of sheepishly. At 80 years old, mobility was limited, as was energy. But the aging exterior belied a young boy who grew up on the water and was feeling terribly claustrophobic.  He lived just a few steps from the water and yet it might as well have been → Read more

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Asking Basic Life Coaching Questions

Have you ever asked yourself one or more of the following questions - What exactly is coaching? How does it compare with other listening environments? Where can coaching skills be used? How do I create environments that foster optimum growth for those with whom I interact? How long do I stay engaged with someone who seems perpetually stuck? How do I stay engaged with someone with whom I disagree? What are the cost/benefits of doing so? What is the value of improved → Read more

Asking Basic Life Coaching Questions2020-10-23T10:24:10-04:00
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