Knowing How To Stop

I tend to want to barrel through life.  Thankfully, I am married to a man who knows how to stop. Knowing I would have a heavy workload the first couple months of the new year, my husband Tom asked me how he could help. I thanked him, but told him he already supports me so much that I couldn’t ask him to do anymore.  A few days later, while on a walk in early January, Tom noticed a washed out flyer → Read more

Knowing How To Stop2020-10-23T11:12:58-04:00

What would it look like for you to push the pause button?

This past January, Cheryl shared her first Life Coaching Tip on the Way of Life Newsletter {Spiritual Renewal}: Practice Pushing Pause Think about any given stressful situation that you have been in, whether alone, with a single individual or a group and consider what might have taken place if you had just pushed the pause button for 15 seconds. That 15 seconds permits you to: 1. Note your adrenaline so it is no longer driving your actions. 2. Quickly invite God into the situation  → Read more

What would it look like for you to push the pause button?2020-10-22T09:37:31-04:00
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