“Just for a Month”

January is over. My guess is many of our resolutions are also over. Deep sixed. Abandoned. Tossed out. Our heads are hanging and we feel like a failure again. So much hope goes flying out the window. Are you willing to consider a different approach? Think of a change you are trying to make.  Instead of making a long-term resolution that is sure to be doomed to failure, think about only the one month in front of you.  Worse case, you → Read more

“Just for a Month”2020-10-23T10:58:10-04:00

Need a Mid-Winter Refueling?

The first quarter can begin to feel like a long haul. We had turned the page to January to face new horizons, perhaps eager to launch into our goals and conquer unexplored territory. And then we hit the February slump. I receive monthly IV magnesium treatments. This past week, while a lovely nurse was hooking up my line, I noticed she seemed tired.  She mentioned she had pushed hard for yet another week, and by the time Saturday came she could → Read more

Need a Mid-Winter Refueling?2020-10-22T09:37:07-04:00
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