How do I forgive myself?

The simple answer to how to forgive myself is, we forgive the same way we forgive others. Unfortunately, simple and easy aren’t the same thing. This is an all too familiar story. Perhaps the main reason we don’t forgive ourselves is because we don’t understand forgiveness. Suppose you owe $10,000 on your car. You lost your job three months ago. You’ve juggled accounts, wiped out your savings, and have no prospects of a new job. The finance company has sent → Read more

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Love Speaks Truth

Many years ago as I was attempting to coach one of my key sales people, I became increasingly frustrated with the frequency with which he used the phrase, "to be honest with you." Finally, I simply said, "Don't be any other way with me!"  Then I explained, "Every time you say, 'to be honest with you', I question how often you aren't being honest with me." Honesty and trust - such a valued quality in relationships!  I just spoke with → Read more

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Prayer For Judgement

A few years ago, my son was handed a speeding ticket for going generously over the speed limit.Family discussion ensued about a unique law in North Carolina which allows a Prayer for Judgement where one can plead a case, be found not guilty yet still the prosecutor receives the conviction. However, if the same offense occurs within a specified time frame, the person now receives fines and penalties on both charges. I don't remember what all was decided, but I → Read more

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