The Power of Focus

What is success? Coaching over the past ten years has taught me something. Clients know success when they see it. But oftentimes they cannot define success for themselves. This can lead to frustration, envy and eventually, giving up. A client of mine was doing very well with his business.  Financially solvent, strong contractual relationships, impeccable reputation.  Despite that, he did not feel as if he was successful.  How was that possible? Easy.  He was missing an important ingredient: an understanding → Read more

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Excel Still More This Year!

My dear neighbor always has a radio turned on when she works. It's a little battery operated thing with a long silver antenna - pre boom box era.  The oldies station plays on while she whistles at her work.    This is a bit like what we want to offer to you - a radio station that helps to keep you whistling while you work... You are shapers of today that will impact tomorrow.  You are contributors.  You are movers. → Read more

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A Change In View

Denise popped out of her car with her camera ready to capture my yard in all its glory. Spring was cropping up everywhere! I expected her to go for the hanging flower basket, or the Azaleas, but instead she crouched to the ground and fiddled with her lens. I couldn't imagine what she was capturing - a few purple tendrils of hope in the form of Grape Hyacinths in the mist of a ground covered with dirt and grime? But → Read more

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Life Coaching Tip: Choosing Your Focus

In our May edition of the Walking in Renewal newsletter, Cheryl offered this Life Coaching Tip: Intentionally and willfully changing your focus can lead to tremendous opportunity, renewed hope and new options. Whether there are things in your life that are going well or circumstances that are filled with difficulty (and even chaos) the idea that we can be given even more than we ever hoped for is quite encouraging and also a bit exciting. The key is to choose → Read more

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