Part 3: Economies of Small

A third and equally important benefit of Economies of Small is the ability to establish my schedule.  I thoroughly enjoyed setting my own hours, my own pace and my own work environment. Since I never expected to grow beyond a “kitchen table” practice where I used my dining area as my office, I quickly realized that Economies of Small must build in room for two critical elements to success:  Margin for expansion and rest for the weary. My client files → Read more

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Part 2: Economies of Small

The independence allowed by Economies of Small also created a self-breeding ground for my inherent weaknesses. It reminds me of fish that are farm fed; they are fed the “garbage” that nourishes at one level, but toxifies at another. Without an outside source of nourishment, my company would never see the results I wanted because I was feeding only on my own strength as well as weaknesses. Outside help was mandatory to truly nourish the business in areas I just → Read more

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Part 1: Economies of Small

I don’t like to be a burden to people. As a capable, professional woman, I’ve spent years of efficiently running my home. I’ve had career success and exciting ministry leadership opportunities. Despite my limitations at times, I welcomed the challenge of forming and operating my own small business. In my own enjoyment of Economies of Small, I finally realized I was keeping everything in my head.  At first, I felt light on my feet, but over time, too much depended → Read more

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Economies of Small: An Introduction

In microeconomics, Economies of Scale are the cost advantages businesses create by producing on a larger scale, which generally decreases costs per unit. During a recent client call, I was struck by her phrase “economies of small.”  She works with a small but vibrant organization and values the agility it provides for her.  As she spoke, I couldn’t help but nod my head in agreement. Can you be effective if you are small?  Absolutely!  In some ways your home, ministry → Read more

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