If People Know it is Coming

The Half Door Drama So, what’s so dramatic about a half door? Nothing by itself. It’s just a door—or so we thought. The installation of a half door to my office seemed like an innocent enough decision. I was in charge of the office of a growing church and was the pastor’s secretary. There was a glass wall on one side that made me visible to anyone walking in the hall. That wasn’t a problem. The problem was the ability → Read more

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Love Speaks Truth

Many years ago as I was attempting to coach one of my key sales people, I became increasingly frustrated with the frequency with which he used the phrase, "to be honest with you." Finally, I simply said, "Don't be any other way with me!"  Then I explained, "Every time you say, 'to be honest with you', I question how often you aren't being honest with me." Honesty and trust - such a valued quality in relationships!  I just spoke with → Read more

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