Fear: A Wicked Taskmaster!

When fear is motivating us, all sorts of things happen. Our energy begins to deplete more quickly, we usually lose sleep, we overwork our agendas or we stall and are unable to move forward.  Perhaps most treacherously, fear leads us to make decisions that we otherwise would have not made. Fear.  Creating a compulsory, demanding, reactive and protective posture against our environment.  Imagine the energy required to brace against the tide of possible catastrophe and imminent disaster. Am I exaggerating? → Read more

Fear: A Wicked Taskmaster!2020-10-23T10:20:56-04:00

Capacity versus Capability – What’s In Your Bag?

As you get ready to check out at the grocery store the cashier asks, “Paper or plastic?”  Let’s add a third bag into the mix. Imagine that there were three types of shopping bags:  Paper, plastic or vinyl. All three are capable of carrying groceries.  But they do not have the same weight capacity. If I try to put the same amount of groceries in the paper bag as I do the vinyl, well, you know what will happen: Broken → Read more

Capacity versus Capability – What’s In Your Bag?2020-10-23T10:21:02-04:00
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