It Is Finished

Sitting at my desk, the piles of papers stare at me. iCal reminders pop up. Alarms on my phone go off reminding me to call someone. I have a lot of unfinished business staring at me.  No, screaming at me. Then, suddenly, I hear almost audibly, “It is finished.”  The authority of the statement startles me.   “It is finished.”   When I miss a deadline. It is finished, still. When I fail a friend. It is finished, still. When → Read more

It Is Finished2020-10-23T11:09:03-04:00

Cleaning Up My Land

Every once in awhile I step back to recalibrate and consider: How well does my calendar and planning reflect my heart and my priorities? Transitions are great times to step back and assess. Overbooked calendars create another opportunity. Perhaps you find yourself double or triple booking. That can be a warning sign that something is askew with planning. Difficulty in making choices or delaying decisions can begin to stack up conflicts and wreak havoc on calendaring, actually impacting many aspects → Read more

Cleaning Up My Land2020-10-23T10:23:16-04:00
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