A Love That Never Fails

This past year we have explored what it means to abide in the love of the Savior. As we close out the year and reflect, you may be aware of promises you made that you couldn't keep. Or promises made to you that weren't met. And even still - there is a love that never fails. We hope you enjoy this last publication of 2014 bringing us back to the unbroken Promise which offers a hope that is sure even when we → Read more

A Love That Never Fails2015-01-02T03:26:55-05:00

Loving His Commandments

Our family enjoys playing card games.  Recently, a friend taught us a new version of Canasta.  For that evening, we did away with our house rules and played by our guest's rules.  It took some time to acclimate to the changes in strategy that resulted.  Sometimes I felt like - oh! if I only knew, I wouldn't have played that card, but this card! We are all playing by some set of rules and depending on the context, multiple sets → Read more

Loving His Commandments2014-04-02T17:21:54-04:00
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