This time of year the Way of Life team is deep in prayer. We are praying for women who are looking for greater clarity in their faith walk and who the Lord may be calling to the Promised Land Living journey.

We pray for perseverance. We pray that they will not give up.

Because once a sweet woman decides to step into the Promised Land they will most certainly be met with resistance. This resistance by the Enemy may surprise them or upset them or even bring them to anger towards God. These reactions originate from one place – they have a false understanding of what living towards or in the Promised Land would look like for them and for the people in their lives.

When someone chooses to walk into the Promised Land and then experience this resistance they can easily forget the reason they were there in the first place. All they can see are their troubles. They can be left with questions like ‘why didn’t you warn me?’. They can become discouraged and their walk can come to standstill. They could believe they are walking in a fog instead of walking in faith. Discouragement can take over and they could lose their spiritual bearing.

Precept Ministries calls this The 5 Deadly D’s (Disappointment, Discouragement, Dejection, Despair, Demoralization). If a person is not careful they can move from disappointment to discouragement and then into a downward spiral. And that is just where our adversary – the devil – wants them.

What would happen if they were trained to respond to the initial disappointment differently? What if they could learn to see everything through the lens of God’s sovereignty? What if they looked to see where the disappointment began and applied new thinking – The Dynamic D’s.

The Dynamic D’s are:

1. Duty (and not disappointment) – to see God’s sovereignty and recognize our duty to bear it in a God honoring way. Catch this and they will be less likely to sink into the rest of the “Deadly D’s”.

2. Decision (and not discouragement) – to make a firm decision to accept their duty.

3. Dynamic (and not dejection) – to by faith avail themselves of the Holy Spirit’s power.

4. Design (and not despair) – to ask God for His plan and then to take the action immediately.

5. Determination (and not demoralization) – to set their hearts within them and to determine to say no to whatever will take them off course.

Promised Land Living is all about this! It is about turning to the Dynamic D’s and actually doing them. This journey is about a team of coaches and leaders who have been there and who desire to walk alongside women who choose to take that first step.

Would you like to learn more about the journey into the Promised Land? There will be a free teleconference on Tuesday June 25th from 7:30 – 8:30pm. Would you consider joining us and inviting your friends? Register here to receive the teleconference phone number and password.

We are praying for you!

For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen. – Romans 11:36