Being firstborn, a high i and high D in Disc, an Exhorter with Mercy and Teaching gifts, a 7 on the Enneagram, with Ideation, Strategy, Woo, as top 3 strengths…Standing sounds too much like inaction and hard to do!!  I have to be intentional to stand and the Lord has been working on me in this concept.  Standing is still doing…it’s not sitting, it’s not laying down, it’s not sleeping.  It is something and has significance in cooperating with the Lord.  I have often contended with Him around this concept, questioning Him about this, and looking to see if this word stand must indeed really mean something else more “active” in the original Greek language.  Nope.  It means to stand…period. 

So what is God after here with this command?  As I have wrestled with Him on this concept I have learned that this position of standing is another posture of resting.  Truly it is resting in my armor and trusting the Lord to be Who He says He is in all circumstances.  Whether it is in the season of uncertainty of COVID-19, a family relationship in turmoil, or the dark and desolate valley of grief after saying goodbye to my mother in June, He is telling me to stand.  When I think of standing, it feels like everyone else gets to move about and is able to take some action, to feel productive, and to march forward to the next thing.  The Lord is changing my perspective on standing, and showing me how He sees this position.  It is a place of rest, trust, and dependence while being obedient. This is a sweet place of intimacy, as I wait on Him, and let Him fight for me, and I am surrounded by Him, quite literally all armored up! 

How do you stand in those times of eminent battle?  What is God showing you as you ponder this?