Thank you for joining us at Sneak Peak last Thursday!

Imagine you could bottle the energy of a toddler and use that for your faith walk with Jesus – what would your faith look like?

My faith was sluggish. It required so much work. It felt sincere, but very obligatory. The Bible weighed heavy in my hands. Sunday morning before church involved one stall tactic after another. It all just seemed to take so much energy. If only I could borrow some energy from a toddler, maybe that would help.

But the problem was not that I didn’t have enough energy. The problem was where my energy was directed towards.

You see, I had a ‘vision’ of what I should look like as a Christian. And so, I went on a quest to make that happen. I would compare myself to believers around me and try to will myself to become like them. By doing so, I went right back into a works-based faith! No wonder I was so tired.

The comparison game was sucking the life of Christ right out of me.

Add my secret sentiments that there were qualities about me that were truly “bad” further demoralized me. I was too strong. I was too opinionated. I went too deep too fast with people. Frankly, I was just too much. And so, I had to try to stuff myself back into myself so I could be “acceptable” in the eyes of the ones I was comparing myself to.

Imagine how much energy THAT took!

And then, I had the breakthrough which was what gave birth to Promised Land Living ministries. The breakthrough came in the form of a question:

What if I took all the energy that I was spending comparing myself to others and trying to be like others and spent that energy learning to walk with Christ – what might happen?

Energy. I had incredible energy for my journey with Jesus!

I want this for you! It doesn’t happen by listening to a pastor preach or from a priest giving a homily. It also won’t happen in your Bible study. These are good things, but they are not complete. They don’t help you integrate the knowledge you already have into your life.

So how do you find it? Community! A life-giving, one anothering community where we take what we know about ourselves and God and start our journey from there.

Who is discipling you?

That’s where PLL comes in. We are about taking whatever we already know and letting the Holy Spirit begin to convert that to the wisdom that helps us walk out our faith.

Knowledge puffs up, but Wisdom? It invigorates the mind! It guides the soul! It sobers our flesh! It regulates our pace. It gives us energy!

If you are longing for more in your faith journey with Jesus…and have the courage to admit that it’s ok that it’s hard to do this alone – then you are the perfect candidate for PLL!

Just this morning, as I’m preparing this email for you, I had my workout with a personal trainer. It isn’t cheap. I meet with her once a week. Costs me 40 bucks. But I work harder, I complete the reps and I experience tremendous encouragement from the “buddy system.” I know I need this, but I also know, doing it by myself is miserable and I won’t do nearly the same level of work.

Community increases my commitment to myself.

This is how PLL was born! I became aware of the gap in discipleship in the church – And the lack of “one-anothering” opportunities available to ask the hard questions and let God do the heavy lift.

PLL exists to help you find the “more” in Jesus. More peace, more freedom, more certainty that leads to abundant living in His Promised Land, here and now.

Courses are continually launching. I hope you will consider joining one. If you have any questions. We will have a special Q&A opportunity


More courses will be added, so check the website frequently for updates.