Simon Baker portrays an investigator in the TV series “The Mentalist.” After the loss of two loved ones, he uses his keen observation skills and powerful understanding of human behavior to become an investigator and catch the bad guy. He has an uncanny ability to peer past a curtain to see what’s really going on.

As believers, we do not have to be ensnared by the trap of customary responses to stimuli around us. We can be a “mentalist” of sorts, to share the gospel and protect ourselves from visual or cognitive illusions. Through sanctification, we are learning to listen to the Savior’s voice and observe the world through a new lens by using investigative skills, refraining from drawing premature conclusions and turning to the Lord in times of fear.

Would you like to shift from reactive behavior to a pattern of divine response – one of hope?

Cheryl for the Team at Way of Life Coaching, LLC.