We get to walk in this season of Resurrection every day, forever. As Easter season has come and gone, we are perhaps apt to forget all that Jesus did and all that we get as a result of His finished work on the Cross.  We move from the awe of Holy Week and the reflection of His triumphant entry into the city, fulfilling prophecy before their very eyes to that agony of the Cross and His declaration “It is finished.”   How do we keep our minds in this state of present worship of the Most High, the King of Kings?

Jesus specifically told the disciples to “do this, in remembrance of me” when He was leading them through the Passover Meal, the Last Supper.  He was letting them know that remembering is something they needed to do.  When hard things come against us,  we have a diagnosis in the family,  loss of a loved one,  disappointments and relationship strains, we can easily fall into a different mindset. I know I can!!

I have been advocating for my mom as she navigates severe COVID pneumonia, and has spent 25 days in ICU. With broken relationships with a sibling, this has been excruciating at times, and has stretched me to really dig deeply into that space where I no longer exist, but only the Power of the Holy Spirit does. I am choosing forgiveness and love hourly, sometimes every minute, to be able to stay present and honoring to my mother and siblings.

This is hard work in my flesh. But when I surrender, let go, and let the Father lead me, things are easier, smoother, and I can feel a sense of peace coming back into my body and my brain.  It is in that moment when things shift as I choose to no longer tolerate those negative emotions and thoughts that seem to swirl in that cloud of conflict.  In Christ, I get to remember that I have the mind of Christ and I can love the way He loves, with that challenge that is presented in 1 Cor 13 by Paul, to love as Love Himself loves…patiently, kindly, without malice, without envy or need to control.

It is Jesus in me that I get to remember – that I get to tap into in those hard life moments, and remember all that I am going through, He foresaw and knows exactly what I am feeling and experiencing.  I don’t need validation from another – just awareness of His Presence and then I can choose His peace. Jesus, I remember, right now, all you did for me and know that there is even more that I do not even realize and I step into that state of awesome reverence, the fear of the Lord, and it is there that the beginning of knowledge from the throne can seep into me, saturate me with compassion, and peace and all that I need to move forward in that one step into Truth.

What does the Lord want you to remember right now? It is in this state of remembrance and gratitude that our minds can be renewed, refreshed and equipped to walk forward, one step at a time, into Truth and Life. It is fuel for our brains to move into action.  Take a moment right now and rest for 2 minutes remembering a time when God did something for you. Bask in that state of gratitude and then notice how you feel after that 2 minutes. Make this a daily practice to remember….