puppy love seriesGrr….bark, bark, bark, Grrr…….

Those loud noises got my attention as Gracie Jo (my 30 pound mixed-breed rescue dog) and I walked toward a large dog (thankfully) behind a fence. While I slowed down, distracted by the growling, Gracie Jo, head held high continued walking never glancing at the dog…simply stating in her own way…”your growls don’t bother me!”

Her confident attitude caused me to reflect….How many times do I let another’s growl impact my walk? Do I react to the growl with one of my own or worse yet allow myself to be dragged into a confrontation (dog fight)?

puppy love growl

Romans 12:2 tells us “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The patterns of this world sometimes seem like the growls of that large dog. They derail us and change our focus. What if we took some time to respond rather than immediately react? What if we took a moment to renew our mind with the living word? Perhaps that transformation referred to in Romans 12:2 would take place and we would ”be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Lord, thank you that when the patterns of this world (growls) come upon us, we look to your renewing word that transforms us. We can hold our head high, reflecting your perfect will, and say “your growls don’t bother me!”



By: Polly J. Green (Gracie Jo’s mom) Gracie Jo is showing us God’s amazing love and grace. Stay tuned for more “Puppy Love” blog articles coming soon!

Polly is a pastor’s wife and serves as a ministry partner with her husband Rev. Dr. William Green at First United Methodist Church – Cary, Cary, NC. Her priorities are daughter of the Most High, wife to William and mom to Gracie Jo. She also provides marketing consulting services to several service oriented firms and individuals. You can reach Polly at [email protected].