puppy love seriesBy: Polly J. Green (Gracie Jo’s mom)

I’m faster than you!

I wonder if dogs challenge one another like we do as humans…listing all our accomplishments? “I’ve won five 10K races, competed on my college 440 relay team and I walk 10 miles/day!

Or, does it sound like Gracie Jo (the little red dog) to Clementine (the large black dog)? ”Hey, let’s run and enjoy the day. We’re both winners!

Ready Set Run Photo

Do you think we could “run” like the dogs, comfortable enough to enjoy our own race? Hebrews 12:1 says “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hmmm… “…the race marked out for us.” What is Paul saying? God has a race just for you and for me. They are different by his perfect design. Perhaps we are to keep our eyes on our own race and not compete or compare with the race of others.

WOW, now that’s real freedom! It makes the race more like Gracie Jo & Clementine’s — full of fun and adventure with everyone a winner! (Although it does look like Gracie Jo has the lead right now and is on her way to winning the race! Oh, that’s right….everyone’s a winner!)


Thank you Lord that You have designed a journey just for us. You know the twists, turns, challenges and joys. May we run our own race with perseverance, enjoying each day and trusting You. Amen.



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Polly is a pastor’s wife and serves as a ministry partner with her husband Rev. Dr. William Green at First United Methodist Church – Cary, Cary, NC. Her priorities are daughter of the Most High, wife to William and mom to Gracie Jo. She also provides marketing consulting services to several service oriented firms and individuals. You can reach Polly at [email protected].