“Are you here to play? Welcome to the group, friend. I’m Gracie Jo!” It’s amazing how fast dogs become friends. Size, shape, breed, background seem irrelevant ….at least that’s what I’ve witnessed (usually). It’s a simple welcome sniff and let’s be friends and play! Meara (the tall Great Dane) and Gracie Jo are best friends. It seems the size difference (note Gracie Jo is standing on a chair) doesn’t matter. They love freely knowing they are loved.

How do we love our friends? 1 John 4:11 says “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” This verse challenges us to love others freely because we know how much we are loved. Ahh……maybe the key word is “since”. “Since” implies we know, (not think or feel) deep in our bones that we are loved by the Creator. It’s where it begins, my friends.

Gracie & Meara

Perhaps Gracie Jo and Meara’s friendship offers a glimpse of love freely given and received. What about you? Are you willing to stand on a chair to look into the eyes of your friend and love them?

Lord, May we receive your amazing love this day. As friends join us in this life journey, allow us to freely love them, even if we have to stand on a chair! Amen.

Gracie & Meara 1

(Gracie Jo is showing us God’s love and grace. A special “thank you” to Brenna and Kenzie McCarthy at Dawg Dayz Retreat (www.tlcbybrenna.com) for their incredible care and training of Gracie Jo, as well as the inspiring photos for “Puppy Love”. Stay tuned for more “Puppy Love” articles coming soon!)


About Polly

Polly is a pastor’s wife and serves as a ministry partner with her husband Rev. Dr. William Green at First United Methodist Church – Cary, Cary, NC. Her priorities are daughter of the King, wife to William and mom to Gracie Jo. She also provides marketing consulting services to several service oriented firms and individuals. You can reach Polly at [email protected].