A dear friend’s son committed suicide a year ago. Since then, she has, understandably, sunk into a deep depression.

Until Saturday. 

What changed?

I called her. I remembered her tears. I met her in her suffering.
I reminded her that she is more than her suffering.

The next day she woke up early! She had a little more spring in her step and hope in her heart. Just a little, but it was enough to get her through another day.

Some days, some weeks… some seasons… are just like that.

If you’re in a good place like now, would you consider making 30-minute call to someone who may not be?

And if you’re not in a good place, sometimes that is the good time to reach out to someone else in need, even if it feels like a bad time. It’s an opportunity for the Jesus in you to minister to both you and the other person. That’s where I was on Saturday. I was behind on a lot. My head hurt. I wanted to curl up and take a Saturday afternoon nap and escape it all. Yet, someone prompted me to reach out to my friend instead. And Jesus ministered to both of us. Delightful!

I intend to never give up – pressing on in all seasons. Jesus has me. He has you. How can we be reminding one another of that?

Press on, Beloved.  And… never give up. I hope this month’s thoughts from our Coach Presenter Director, Pam, provide you with some stabilizing encouragement.

And if you need some assist on that – spiritual direction, deeper connection with the Lord, a community to walk with during this tough or confusing season – I’m delighted to say that we have both a men’s and women’s PLL group starting soon. Please scroll down for more details.

May it be a Galatians 6:9 season for you! 

Cheryl Scanlan

Promised Land Living