A few years ago, my son was handed a speeding ticket for going generously over the speed limit.Family discussion ensued about a unique law in North Carolina which allows a Prayer for Judgement where one can plead a case, be found not guilty yet still the prosecutor receives the conviction. However, if the same offense occurs within a specified time frame, the person now receives fines and penalties on both charges.

I don’t remember what all was decided, but I do recall thinking about how heaven’s courts do not operate that way.

We are guilty. Period. And God isn’t interested in conviction quotas. His desire instead, is that none should be lost. Prayer for Judgement wouldn’t it cut it in God’s courts. And He’s not sympathetic to plea bargains. What He responds well to is a humble and contrite heart. If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive. And in that forgiveness – oh the love, mercy and grace that flows from that!

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