Conviction: Fellowship in the Gospel

From the very beginning, we were created to share in community with one another.

God created Adam and then determined a suitable companion would not only be good, but necessary. And so it was; God created Eve. Adam and Eve set the stage for living in community – sharing in the joys of God’s gracious and abundant provision as they lived in the paradise no man has since known. I imagine their conversations centered around giving praise to the glory surrounding them, sharing with one another the tangible ways in which they were actively experiencing God’s love. Post-fall, I imagine their conversations then shifted, reminding one another of how they used to experience God, sharing what those experiences look like now, joining together in lamentations, and encouraging one another to cling to hope.

With the highs and the lows and through joy and grief, Adam and Eve shared their burdens and successes with one another, all the while recognizing and worshipping God their Father and Creator. The very first instance of fellowship.

As we seek to align our lives with that of Christ’s (who was often seen in the company of others), we’ve got to be diligent about seeking community. Many churches highlight this with midweek gatherings, but the act of fellowship shouldn’t be limited to that. Extend your kitchen table and invite neighbors over for dinner. Allow your schedule to loosen up a bit and say “yes” to the impromptu invitation to coffee. Step away from social media and initiate real, face-to-face conversations. Take the time to invest in those around you as we work through this world together.

Let your conversations be seasoned with boldness and honesty. Don’t shy away from sharing praise for what God is doing in your life as your words will be so pleasing to God and similarly a blessing to others. Yet, don’t hesitate to bring up the trials and tribulations you’re facing, either. The point of community is to remind ourselves that just as we are not alone in our triumphs, nor are we alone in our sufferings – a concept the Enemy likes to sway us otherwise. Fight through that lie! Don’t wait for an invitation to come your way – take action to protect your heart and don’t be hesitant to be the first to initiate. After all, someone’s got to do it! Not to mention, your invitation could be the very thing your neighbor is desperately seeking too.