Clarity: Do you know where you are?

The first recorded question God asked man was “where are you?” That question was not for God, for God knew where Adam hid. Perhaps God asked the question because He wanted Adam to know where Adam was.

In life, I have found it is very difficult for me to move forward unless and until I have taken stock of where I am. It’s possible I could bury myself deeper into a hole, quickly run into a ditch or even worse, run off the end of a road that has a blockade because really – there was no road! That’s the negative side of not knowing where I am. I could push myself further in a destructive direction where unnecessary trials await.

An example of this just happened. I am a very ambitious person. On the RightPath Assessment, I score very high in ambition. However, to what end and to what degree? Ambition in the past has cost me my health, literally. That which the world praised and employers and even family members rewarded, wrought unnecessary painful health trials in my life that cost me dearly.

There is a positive side to assessing my current location as well. I can marvel at God’s faithfulness, reflect on the kindness of friends and family on my journey, see places of growth and desired continuance of patterns of behavior and relating. In this regard, the pausing to assess locale preserves hope and renews vigor helping me to remain steadfast during the unpredictable and often tedious trials of every sorts.

Taking that same example of health – I have moved into a time in my life of a perpetual fast of sorts. Much of our cultural eating is off limits to me because of my body’s reaction to food. At first, this was a trial of difficulty and isolation. But over time, as I continued to assess where I was, talk to the Lord and ask for His wisdom and listen how my body was responding, I came to embrace my new life. My temple is the Lord’s. And, although all foods are permissible, not all are profitable to this temple. The effect has been remarkable – I am no longer dependent and distracted by eating such as I was before. Additionally, I have come to greater dependence on Jesus for comfort and solace during those times of feeling isolated or deprived. If I didn’t assess, I would not have opportunity to realize all He is doing and working in me through this challenge.

Navigating life requires that we not only know our destination, but we know where we are in the journey. Where is your heart right now? What kind of condition is it in? You have no doubt experienced buffeting. What has been the impact of this buffeting on your tender heart – conditioning? Or fraying? As we grow, we will be “hit” somehow: doubt in faith, trial in life, worldly tribulation of the soul, temptation and attacks from the enemy. You name it, it can come – sickness, taunts, betrayal, etc. Listen for God’s voice asking you “where are you, son or daughter?” Find your way back to His voice through prayer, scripture reading and/or fellowshipping with a believer. Once you know where you are standing, you can begin to create a plan to get moving again.