Are you looking for a time of encouragement? Would you like a place to continue the work you started in Promised Land Living?

We will be restarting our PLL Alumni Refresher calls this month! Each fourth Friday you will  be able to join members of the PLL Team to review and build upon something you discovered in the Promised Land Living process.  On Friday August 23rd we will be digging into the difference between contending with and cooperating with God.

This is our desire for women and men who finish Promised Land Living:

 “In developing Promised Land Living, women and men drink in Truth in a manner that nourishes and invigorates their faith walks.  It is done in a group setting so that all have an opportunity to build upon one another’s successes.  Everyone is celebrated and God is worshiped.  All thoughts and activities point us back to Christ.  We are challenged in our places of complacency and encouraged in our places of fear and soothed in our places of pain.  And at all junctures, we are stepping into greater Christlikeness with a quiet knowing that we are His and that nothing can snatch us from that reverent royal place of holy matrimony with our Savior.  Women and men leave with greater passion for Christ, new habits for living that honor our king and draw attention to the Christ in us.  Others find themselves thirsting for what they have – that peace that allows them to walk through the challenges of life without living in a place of defeat and/or defensiveness.   This in turn brings other people to the well that never runs dry.  And so the impact of the Truth continues to ripple into more and more lives as more and more people dip into the well.”  ~Cheryl Scanlan

Are you ready to continue the journey? Look for your PLL Refresher registration email coming soon!