The independence allowed by Economies of Small also created a self-breeding ground for my inherent weaknesses.

It reminds me of fish that are farm fed; they are fed the “garbage” that nourishes at one level, but toxifies at another. Without an outside source of nourishment, my company would never see the results I wanted because I was feeding only on my own strength as well as weaknesses.

Outside help was mandatory to truly nourish the business in areas I just didn’t have the talent, desire, knowledge or even awareness that something was lacking.

The solution began with a robust assessment of myself through my Business Coach, a 360 assessment and a business consultant who helped me see the gaps in my small operation. This rounded evaluation provided the knowledge I needed to know where I should put the valuable commodities of time and money into the business.

Even in my personal life, I need outside influences to nurture and enrich me. Great friends and my husband keep me accountable and encourage me. My church family and time with the Lord keeps me grounded in Truth and in His presence. Without these external sources of strength and nutrients, my weaknesses would become magnified and keep me from healthy growth.


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