I don’t like to be a burden to people. As a capable, professional woman, I’ve spent years of efficiently running my home. I’ve had career success and exciting ministry leadership opportunities. Despite my limitations at times, I welcomed the challenge of forming and operating my own small business.

In my own enjoyment of Economies of Small, I finally realized I was keeping everything in my head.  At first, I felt light on my feet, but over time, too much depended upon me.  If I was sick or unavailable, the wheels stopped moving. I couldn’t do it all.

I was getting overwhelmed and needed to ask for guidance. In my excitement, I had taken on too much and learned that Economies of Small still needs to include processes and systems so that I could continue to enjoy navigating my small vessel/business.

The solution included learning how to operate by principles.  I find rules to be pretty restrictive, but I’m learning that principles protect me from making commitments I can’t keep and allow me to make quicker, more confident choices. A set of operating principles acts as my built-in navigational system that is trustworthy and aligned with my Mission, Vision and Values for Way of Life Coaching, LLC.

In the same way that sound operating principles are useful for guiding me through the foggy seasons of business development and growth, I also need principles to guide me through my personal life and relationships. Keeping things small is fine, but not so small that I’m not open to assistance and healthy boundaries that provide freedom!


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