By Cheryl Scanlan

What wonderful news to wake up to: “My mercy is new every morning, daughter. The dirt and grime of yesterday’s sin is washed in my blood. Arise! Today is a new day, a new opportunity and a renewed you in Me.”

Denise window snow

What a sweet sound to the ears of my heart! It reminds me of my Saturday mornings from childhood. I’d hear the clanking of pots
and pans in the kitchen, a phone ringing, the quiet murmurs of my mom’s voice. I’d fall in and out of a morning snooze, in my
warm covers as the frigid mid-western winter winds wrapped our house in a blanket of snow.

And then, the floor would squeak and I knew what was coming, so I would roll away towards the wall. The door would creak open just as I made sure to look settled in my lazy slumber.

But the next sound would always beckon me  to enter the new day as mom would break out in song drawing up the shades:

Good morning Mary Sunshine! How do you do today, you scare the little birds awake and shine away the moon!”  And if in a particularly jovial mood (or I was in a particularly prickly mood), I might hear the refrain: “Rise and shine, porcupine!

LOL through welled eyes as I recall those moments of innocence and delight.

And now, though an adult, I learn to have the faith of that child. The morning alarm breaks into much needed sleep. The sun shines light into dark places. Do I hide in the shadows of yesterday’s blunders? How much easier it is, to toss off the covers and plant my feet with anticipation as I hear my Savior’s song of hope and answer with that morning step of faith.

Like mom’s song, the Lord’s promise encourages me to dance in the daylight. Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice in it!


Photo credit: Denise 1 Impression 2 Remember

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