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There are lots of wonderfully enriching stories, insights and tools to support you in your growth journey. Perhaps a quick tour will be helpful here:

1. Clarity * Conviction * Courage: Are you needing clarity about something? Perhaps conviction? Or maybe courage? At the top of each page you will see the words "Clarity, Conviction, Courage." Simply click on one of the words. You will be brought to a page that invites you to take a mini-coaching challenge to help you find what you need for yourself.

2. Life Coaching Tips: Nothing replaces working with a coach who can truly listen and engage with you vitally. However, we have found over the past decade and over 6000 hours of coaching, that there are some common concerns and challenges that face our clients. As a gift to you, we have comprised a list of coaching tips to help you jump start growth in the key areas of time management, conflict and communication and stress management. We hope you enjoy them!

3. Snapshots 52 Week Devotional Book: Life is busy and there are seasons when the Word seems far from us. Capturing stories from Promised Land Living volunteer leaders and participants, this humble devotional meets you right where you are at -- in the messiness of life. If you are not quite ready to make the investment in the 52-week devotional, feel free to download the "Sneak Peak" version which includes 12 of our favorites heart felt stories from the full edition.


4. Finding His Rest 52 Week Devotional BookWe invite you to pause from all that begs for your attention and enjoy a few minutes fellowshipping with God and fellow believers who sojourn as you do. We are telling our stories and connecting back to our own God-stories. As we learn to live in the Promised Land here and now, we humbly share our stories as glimpses into the work God is doing in our lives and over our lifetime.

5. Blog: God designed you. He knows you. And now you get to know both Him and yourself. Your journey is specially tailored to you. We are so busy seeking answers that we often miss the greater work God is trying to do in us and through us. This blog is meant to invite you to learn how to stay in the question with God. My current favorite blog was written at a time when I was in a temporary but profound place of confusion after almost dying from a rare case of Cardiac Tamponade. Read more here!

6. Newsletter: The newsletter is intended to equip the believer in a biblically and culturally relevant way. Each year the newsletter has a theme around global concerns facing us as believers. For example, in 2016 the focus was on learning how to listen and responding well in the midst of conflicting and confusing information. In 2017, the focus will be on joyful living in the midst of trials, testing and persecution. Join our over 1000 members and enjoy the community of believers in this vibrant way!

7. Facebook: Don't leave the site without first visiting our Facebook page! There you will find quick snips of wisdom that might be just what the Great Physician ordered to get you through a tough moment. We hope you will like our page and join our growing community of believers that are committed to living life for Christ in a God-forsaken time in our world history.

8. SHIFT Video Series:  These personal stories and biblical passages shared in the video lessons will invigorate you in your faith. Promised Land Living Lite encourages each of us to step more fully into the purposes set forth by God for our lives. As you take this small, but significant step, we pray your life will be lived with greater clarity, conviction and courage = purpose! Thank you for joining us as we journey together!





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