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The coaching has give me a new mindset . Time with Cheryl has clarified what I value in my work and in myself. The coaching time has strengthened me and I now find I am intentionally examining and monitoring my thoughts and responses to work components as I manage the present and anticipate the future.

~ Karen, Teacher


Cheryl did us nothing but good!! She is a leader of leaders and does a stellar work at helping others find their life mission and direction. She led one of the most vibrant care-giving works our community has ever seen. We will always be indebted to her for her tireless service and God-given wisdom.  

~ Dr. Mike Garrett LPC

Here's what I walked away with (from my coaching call): clarification.  Do you know how freeing clarification can be?!?  Sometimes you can't move forward until you get clear on what the issues are. 

As a client who began coaching with Cheryl 4 years ago, I continue to feel the impact of our coaching relationship though the sessions are much more infrequent these days. Most recently, I transitioned to a new job in an industry that was also new to me. In this role, I personally assist a high-profile entrepreneur who is a part of elite professional and social circles, and whose business still endures after 30 years from inception. In this environment, it has been important to summarize my communications in executive summary format for my employer. In addition, I've found I'm best able to service his needs by asking him a variety of 'coaching'-type questions that help uncover his desires and wants, and help reveal how I might meet them.

Prior to working with Cheryl, my communication style often involved highly-detailed extensive explanations. I was also inexperienced in the skill of asking relevant questions - questions which could help accurately assess and understand another's perspective. These days, however, my business-savvy employer values the questions I offer and benefits from my executive summaries. These skills, refined through coaching, aid me in accomplishing his goals and have resulted in expressed approval from my employer. Needless to say, the coaching work I did with Cheryl in the past has affected lasting change in my communication style which continues to positively impact my personal and professional life, and my relationships therein.

- Lisa Gautier


Life coaching has given my hope that transformation can take place from unhealthy habits and negative thinking. I have found concrete methods which challenge me to be 100 % responsible for myself. By continuing to be a part of the Way of Life Community, I continue to receive the encouragement I need to clarify and fulfill my life goals.

Cheryl and her team are humble, wise, caring, and completely professional.  I highly recommend both individual and group coaching through Way of Life Coaching.  It has far exceeded my expectations and continues to challenge me to grow in my daily walk.

- Becky Jaskey, Business Owner and lay leader



Cheryl Scanlan's qualities include brilliance, affability, exceptional skills in coaching and immediately relatable.  The questions she chooses to ask are an obvious response to actively listening to her client. Cheryl offers questions that are captivating and she then allows space for thinking and contemplation before expecting an answer. She doesn't lead the conversation but she certainly engages the conversation. Sessions with Cheryl are energizing, stimulating and useful.

In a recent coaching session she skillfully acknowledged the urgency pulling at me. As we unpacked the dialogue I realized this coaching session was perhaps the most important session I had ever experienced with a coach. I believe the topic was so important the results were not only life-changing but life-giving. I highly recommend her ministry.

- Karen Yancey, Network Development Director, Life and Talent Management Coach



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- Cheryl