Promised Land Living (PLL) Lite Video Series

Twenty-Four Lessons to Invigorate Your Faith Journey

For the cost of a Bible study you can live more freely in the Promised Land!

This 24-part video series is action-packed with real stories, live coaching and powerful questions to help you engage more vibrantly with your Lord and Savior. Your $19.50 pays it forward as a partial scholarship for future participants in PLL to further their personal and spiritual growth. Thank you for making this possible!

Yes! I want to live more fully in the Promised Land now!  


PLL Lite Video Series includes eight sessions (three videos for each session) and encourages each of us to step more fully into the purposes set forth by God for our lives. As you take these small, but significant steps, your life will be lived with greater clarity, conviction and courage = purpose!

This video series includes the following sessions:

OPEN AND CLOSED LISTENING - Exploring listening styles from a biblical perspective

RETURNING TO OUR FIRST LOVE - Shifting out of 'earning love' and returning to an abiding relationship with God

DESERT LIES/HEARTLAND/100% RESPONSIBILITY - What does it mean to become 100% responsible for our actions

THE HEART OF THE GOSPEL: FORGIVENESS - Examine our hearts before the Lord for the sake of experiencing His grace and mercy

SELF CARE - Defining self care from a biblical perspective

GOAL SETTING - Learning how to creat goals that help us rather then hinder us

TIME REDEMPTION - Developing a new perspective on time

CELEBRATION - Spending time with the Lord in reflection and exploring together what we do to celebrate and why celebration is so powerful

We pray that the personal stories and biblical passages shared in these video lessons invigorate you in your faith. God has equipped each one of us in advance for the good works that He wants to accomplish through us in the kingdom. That includes you!

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