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What is Coaching?

Coaching fosters change that a person internalizes and therefore, that can last.  Coaching is a process of ownership from beginning to end. You own the goals, you own the actions, you achieve the outcomes. Coaching moves away from to do lists and busyness and into activities that are well defined, have purpose and put you on a trajectory that is aligned with your larger objectives. Coaching is about moving into larger spaces to consider, explore, discover and/or refine God’s purposes and plans for you. Coaching involves seeing something that wasn't seen before, bringing in fresh perspectives that can reinvigorate. Coaching considers vision - bringing desired future impact into view and mapping out a plan that is congruent with you as a person, your personality and your purposes. And Biblical Coaching also considers vision- simply put, connecting to God's plan and bringing the uniqueness of you to bear in His plan.

If you're running a race, chances are at different times you'll need a trainer.

Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your soul. The Apostle Paul compares the Christian walk to a race that we are to run with endurance. You've heard of marathon races? We are running a marathon race! And as the Hebrew writer states - we are in need of endurance. We need training.

As you think about your own race consider these questions:

Are you wondering if you're on the right track?
Have you had some false starts and lost courage to run?
Are you running so hard you don't have time to breathe?
Do you sense some obstacles are slowing you down?
Need some fresh ideas to keep you running strong?
Have you grown tired or weak-kneed and just want to collapse all together?

Each of us has a race to run! Way of Life Coaching LLC can provide you with the Biblical encouragement, accountability and tools to help you run yours well for the duration!

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What are some of the things coaching can help me with?

A short bullet list might be helpful in understanding how coaching can support you -  these are just a few of the ways people have used coaching:

  • Develop leadership capability or capacity
  • Reinvigorate the maintenance component of life
  • Reconnect to purpose and vision
  • Clear away obstacles to growth
  • Shift into powerful truth
  • Identify and move into opportunities
  • Establish more supportive habits for living
  • Prevent or recover from burnout
  • Establish congruency between internal values and external goals


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What about people who are already doing great in their lives? Why would they need a coach?

Actually, these are the people who are most fun to work with! Coaching presumes that a person is relatively creative, resourceful and healthy. The people we work with are already managing full lives. Coaching is not necessarily about 'more' or 'better' but sometimes about greater 'fulfillment' or 'wholeness'. Interestingly enough some clients find they wind up doing exactly what they were involved with before, yet the activity is repurposed, coming from a different place of motivation. Others find that there is a need for a shift - small or significant - in order to move into life they sense they are called to.

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Can I hire a coach just for a short-term, special project?

Absolutely, but typically coaching relationships lasts a minimum of 6 months. The shortest coaching relationship would be for a 3-month basis and typically is structured for as mentioned here, a very specific purpose. Oftentimes, the relationship expands from there, but as the client desires.

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How long must I commit if I start working with a coach?

Typically a coaching relationship works on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Our desire is for our clients to be more than satisfied with the relationship and we will work towards that end from the very first dialogue.

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Do I need to meet face to face with my coach?

No. As a matter-of-fact, we encourage by phone meetings. Considering that coaching is a facilitated monologue, it is actually sometimes distracting to have a coach sitting in front of you. Suddenly facial expressions and eye contact start to pull a client away from the internal work they are doing and they begin to respond to external stimuli. Face to face sometimes detracts from the work the client is doing. There are circumstances where the coach will meet with the client face-to-face, but that would be discussed and worked through in the preliminary consultation.

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What benefits does coaching give me?

What a great question with so many answers! The benefits are as varied as the clients. Each client comes looking for something a little different. It could be the benefit is something as intangible as having peace or as practical as securing a new job.

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Can I work with a coach again after I have reached my goal and decide on a new goal?

Absolutely! We have clients that leave and come back multiple times over the course of a longer-term coaching relationship. We don’t really say 'goodbye' so much as 'bye for now'. We encourage our clients to stay in touch and share ongoing progress, developments and yes, challenges. 

What makes a life coach so valuable? A coach acts as your champion, holding your agenda for you even if/when you temporarily lose sight of it. A coach recognizes and supports your growth and potential and provides a safe space for you to explore areas that may otherwise remain out of reach. As one client has said - "it astounds me how every session helps me move so much!"

The best way to understand this for oneself is to experience it and decide if it is worth the investment. There is no down side. We want all our clients more than satisfied. You’ll know quickly if it is worth not just the expense but the time. As a friend asked me when I was considering trying a new health protocol for the sake of maintaining good health "What do you have to lose?" We ask you, what do you have to lose by scheduling a preliminary to see if coaching is right for you? And -  what do you stand to gain?

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What types of coaching are there? Individual? Group?

There is both individual and group coaching. Group coaching typically has a set curriculum that compliments individual group participant objectives and takes into consideration all participants. Individual coaching is focused exclusively on an individual client's objectives. In either case, the client is in charge.

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What if I don't read the Bible or care about the Bible?

 Good question! We have many clients, especially in the business sector, who are not necessarily 'Christian'.   We have worked with atheists, Buddhists, etc. The focus is on you and your objectives, not us and an agenda.   However, our clients are greatly appreciative of our Biblical values of honesty, integrity and care by which we strive to give the best service possible. Since it's not about us telling you what to do, you can know that our values will create a supportive relationship with you, but will not dictate decisions for you.    

If at any point you would like to hear more about what makes us so excited about what we do, we would love to share about Jesus and how His love for us makes all this possible, but -  only if you ask. 

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A plan in the heart

of a man is like deep

water,  But a man

of understanding

draws it out.

- Proverbs 20:5