About Cheryl Scanlan


When I was in 2nd grade, I sat around a campfire at Lake Geneva Youth camp with my peers. I was happy to be there, but felt lonely and despondent because my home life was very rough and frankly, I was afraid to go back home. No one knew. I didn’t talk about it. But my sense of isolation was so extreme it caused my heart to physically ache, even as a 2nd grader.  One of the camp counselors shared about the love of Jesus and told us that He loved each one of us. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Could that be true?  Did someone actually love me?  Suddenly, I felt like maybe I could go back home. I wasn’t alone after all.

That night began my journey towards a walk of faith that is now the center of everything I do. God has revealed Himself to me as not just a loving God, but a holy God. My childish thinking has given way to a greater fullness in understanding the true character of God and the grander picture of His eternal plan for His creation, which has led to changes in how I respond to Him, myself and the world around me. My defenses reduced and my dependency grew. He was transforming me from the inside out. Both painful and liberating, I continued to pursue Him with my whole heart as He dismantled so many misconceptions about Him as Lord of all things and Him as my Daddy. 

That journey into the fullness of my faith gave birth to Promised Land Living. As the Lord brought revelation upon revelation into His true nature through the inductive study of His Word, my heart burned to bring this truth to His people. Freedom, abundance, abiding – these are not “wanna be” concepts – these are already ours in Jesus!  The Lord has taken my longing for love as a child and put it through a refiner’s fire that has burned away the things that bound me to this world and placed me firmly in His arms to carry me where He sees best.


It’s not a life of leisure or a story of creature comforts. Oh, the Lord knows otherwise!  I have had a hard life in so many ways – just as you have. But God is making all things – yes, ALL things new in my life.


And I am inviting you to come with me to this place of ALL new!  It is a place where you are fully known, deeply loved, eternally secure and made completely new! If any of these changes seem impossible to grasp, yet deep down, something inside you informs you that this is true, then you are in the right place! 


God is not finished with you yet. So, don’t give up on you! And let us join you in the journey! Let’s learn of the Lord together – His delight in you and His jealousy for you.  













Conflict Resolution

Critical Thinking/Analysis

Decision Making

Managing Priorities

Problem Solving

Professional Presentation

Project Planning/Management

Verbal Communication

Written Communication


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Cheryl will

 tell you what you

NEED to hear. 

She will press the grapes

to make you better. 

- Joseph Humphries